Columbus County, North Carolina

Columbus County Photo Archives

Bolton Historical Photographs

  • 23 photos
  • Photographs have been donated by the John L. Clark family, of Clarkston, Michigan, to the people of Columbus County. Clark's grandfather, Edward Folke Carpenter, was the superintendent of the Waccamaw Lumber Company from 1906 to 1925. These photographs may be copied from this site without charge or prints obtained with a 20-percent discount from the normal prices. See the August 16, 2007 edition of The News Reporter for the history of the mill.
  • 8/17/2007
  • Album ID: 316727

Rescue Tab photos

  • 32 photos
  • We are offering reprints of these photos at a 20% discount.
    Some of the old News Reporter photographs of local rescues that were published in the August 2 special edition. These photos may not print at large sizes suitably due to the quality of the old originals. Note the shape of these photos. Some are square and will be trimmed to fit 4x6 or 5x7 formats.
  • 8/17/2007
  • Album ID: 316554

WHS Juniorettes Semi-Formal

  • 3 photos
  • 1/31/2012
  • Album ID: 1405862
  • Photos by Krystal Hawkins

Courthouse Photos

  • 4 albums
  • Take a tour of the courthouse showing damage over the decades. Get a panoramic view from the rooftop and view all the monuments and plaques on site. ALSO VIEW PHOTO SPREAD IN OUR "LIVING" ALBUM
  • 9/27/2007
  • Album ID: 340857
  • Photos by Mark Gilchrist

Columbus County Photo Archives

  • 18 albums
  • 8/20/2007
  • Album ID: 317673
  • Photos by Mark Gilchrist